It’s hard to believe that Rejjie Snow (real name Alexander Anyaegbunam) has Dublin roots. After a move to Brooklyn to mingle with the likes of Fetty Wap and Young Thug, signing to their label 300 Entertainment, the American twang to his voice is hardly surprising.

An album that has been five years in the making, spurred on by the success of his 2013 EP ‘Rejovich’, Dear Annie is a commendable debut. In 20 tracks, Snow soulfully celebrates the trials and tribulations of love, loss and reconciliation. Accompanied by his soothing “Mr Loverman” style voice, it leaves you hanging on to every word intrigued.

‘Pink Lemonade’ is the only track that even remotely resembles the likes of his American friends, solely from the use of the word “titties” and the prolific sex talk. Every other entry within this sonic diary is oozing with creativity. The second half of ‘Oh No!’ acts as an inventive interlude as a make-shift radio presenter makes Snow introduce the following track ‘Spaceships’, showing that this album was carved with care, attention and individuality. There are also fragments of soul and jazz inspirations scattered throughout. ‘Egyptian Luvr’ is a definite highlight and a hit in the making. With its irresistible ‘80s feel, it is undeniably slick. However, not every song on this album is masqueraded by the same rose-tinted grooves, as many speak of some of Snow’s darkest moments. The distorted pianos that welcome ‘Room 27’ are haunting as Snow explains his suicidal thoughts. ‘Mon Amour’ uses strained vocals to display heartbreak and a want for a lost love to return.

Translating his thoughts through a combination of R’n’B, Hip-Hop and Pop, Dear Annie puts Rejjie Snow at the forefront of upcoming rappers. His origins are beside the point as he delivers a strong debut and sets himself apart from the competition. Transferable to every mood, he blends his creative flair with emotional truths.

Words by Hayley Millross


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