Dusting off the cobwebs from his professional slumber, Jamie Lenman reawakens from a four-year hiatus with the critically-acclaimed new record Devolver. For those not familiar with Lenman, he was once affiliated with the group Reuben, a post-hardcore band who decided to call it quits back in 2008. Lenman has since been booming to success as a solo artist, and it seems as if he’s well and truly been making the most of possessing full artistic control.

 Effortlessly cool and dressed head to toe in a debonair white, Jamie rules over the stage with a confidence which aids him with the ability to reject any of the usual gig conventions. With the majority of the night seeing him blast through belligerent riff-age, paying close attention to the heart-throttling number ‘One Of My Eyes Is A Clock’, it was quite surprising (and enlivening) for Lenman to leave space for as he calls it, the “little scratchy indie” songs about “feelings and what not”, including his heart-warming new track ‘Bad Friend’.

“Lenman is one of the most dynamic and intrinsic artists around today”

Not only would Lenman spiral from one extreme to the next in terms of genre, but he would also switch instruments, and chaotically drum next to his onstage partner Dan Kavanagh. This of course, led to an unbelievably heavy, hypnotic rhythm section and added to the weight of Lenman’s aptitude for not conforming to standard show procedures. To top his rebellion off, he finished the night with a series of catchy acoustic versions of his songs during the encore. This was slightly disappointing to some extent, as his new single ‘Bodypopping’ was not performed in all of its distorted glory, but instead, added a vastly personal element to the performance.

 Lenman’s persona drastically emits a rife individuality and uniqueness, and of course, an unmistakable charm. As he swaggers through the fist-pumping track ‘Mississippi’, just before the encore, one thing becomes extremely apparent; Lenman is one of the most dynamic and intrinsic artists around today and was one of the best shows I had experienced in a long while. If you know what’s good for you, go and see Jamie Lenman.

 Words by Lizzie Capewell


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