REVIEW: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes- Modern Ruin

Released: 20/1/17
Label: International Death Cult
In the two years since his last project, Blossom, Frank Carter has been enthralling audiences with his tumultuous anthems and infectious, chaotic charm. Modern Ruin continues in this vein with its danger-flirting, adrenaline-fuelled songs, which will no doubt continue Carter’s reign of terror in his manic, critically acclaimed live performances.
Commencing with a light and hypnotic riff in ‘Bluebelle’, Carter croons softly, drawing his listeners into a false sense of security before the storm of the following track ‘Lullaby’. Ironic in name, this song does everything but soothe, as it meets a galloping, distorted riff, haunting vocals and an explosive chorus.  ‘Wild Flowers’ is reminiscent of the punk duo Slaves, with clear and concise vocals, which although speak something of a gloomy love song,  they arrive with an unmistakable, rebellious attitude. 
‘God Is My Friend’ is a track that could have been written for My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, with full bodied verses of thick guitars eventually landing in a brilliantly powerful chorus. 
This new record sees a man in clear control of his own artistic mastery, seething on angry, beautifully disconsolate tracks, looking for a love in a world which depends too heavily on the act of  ignorance and simply living for one’s self. In ‘Thunder’, we see Carter steering towards the political, taking inspiration from the most upsetting of recent headlines, “I see a baby lying face down in the tide / And I see thousands of souls begging for their f**king lives”.
Although being an expansive, 12 song album which follows a clear, sometimes repetitive code, Modern Ruin never lacks the capability to deliver tracks which enchant, ramp-up and mesmerise listeners in a way that proves Carter is fully the master of his own game.
Words by Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch

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