CHVRCHES @ O2 Academy Bournemouth 12/02/2019

Celebrating their latest full length, Love Is Dead, released last year, CHVRCHES are back on their first headline tour in the UK since November 2015. Joining them is Let’s Eat Grandma, an experimental pop duo from Norwich.

Emerging from the darkness are galactic sounds followed by an array of lights as if a UFO had landed on to the stage.  Appearing first a drummer adding rhythm to the sounds before the duo are visible behind two keyboards and start greeting Bournemouth.

The entire set shows off a collection of instruments and skill that drift their music from electronic to spoken word to elements of Jazz and Oriental. With recorder solos, a saxophone and electric guitar as well as various keyboard techniques combined in to one track, its clear Let’s Eat Grandma are not shy of talent.  While their accompanying dancing is a little cringey with a random outburst of doing the Macarena moves, the act are enjoyable and add something brand new and exciting to the music scene.

After a spoken interlude and flashing lights two crosses light up either side of the stage and on walks vocalist, Lauren Mayberry during the synth at the beginning of ‘Get Out’. Immediately, the crowd are jumping and singing along to the catchy chorus giving CHVRCHES the warmest welcome to the stage.

They continue maintaining this energy for the popular, ‘Bury It’ up next. Darting around the stage with her glitter tights reflecting bursts of red lights, Mayberry is lost in a world of music and happiness taking the whole crowd with her who are still dancing along.

Half way through the set, the band quickly discusses their experiences with touring in the States and how different social behaviours are to Scotland, particularly with regards to drinking. With the crowd in laughter at these anecdotes and Mayberry’s description of the low roar she makes that describes fear, CHVRCHES sustain a nothing but positive, friendly and light-hearted atmosphere.

Fun colours, addictive choruses, and a friendly audience. CHVRCHES certainly know how to engage with their fans and put on a mesmerizing show.

Words by Rosie Chalk

Photo by Adam England

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