Queen Zee – Queen Zee

Liverpool punks Queen Zee are more than ready for 2019, but is 2019 ready for Queen Zee? After cutting their teeth supporting the likes of Marmozets and Dream Wife last year, it was about time they dropped a debut album, and what an album it is.

Imagine a sort of HMLTD/Yak hybrid created in a lab by Poly Styrene. Hopefully, you get the idea. It’s punk with a dash of pop, veering into hardcore territory on occasion, but not enough to alienate the indie kids who will undoubtedly be picking Queen Zee up on vinyl at your local independent record store in their droves.

They aren’t pissing about with this self-titled record. ‘Loner’ starts it off emphatically, catapulting us into the world of Zee. They might look, in the words of Iggy Pop, “a little weird, but they rock like crazy”, but they have an instantly accessible sound. In these post-NME times, Queen Zee have given us life. Make no mistake, it’s punk at its best. Zee’s vocals shamelessly strut around distorted guitars as if their life depends on it, screaming on ‘Sissy Fists’, and malleable to the music going on around it.

“You fuck like a porno movie” screams Zee on the unsurprisingly titled ‘Porno’. Maybe not one to put on when the grandparents come over, but it’s a banger all the same. They aren’t a band to mince their words, as album closer ‘I Hate Your New Boyfriend’ would attest: “I don’t like how he talks to you/With a passive-aggressive attitude”. Meanwhile, the fuzzy noise-punk of ‘Victim Age’ is exhilarating, their music more than a match for their lyrics.

Anthemic choruses, electrifying melodies and a shitload of fun. This is the Joy as an Act of Resistance of 2019. Queen Zee have well and truly announced themselves. Undoubtedly a future classic.

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