5 Underrated Japanese Artists

Japan is one of those countries where I’m sure almost everyone has interest about it, either their food, culture or something else. It’s country that offers everything, especially when it comes to music. Ranging from metal to indie pop/rock, here’s a list of five underrated Japanese artists you should check out:

Kikagaku Moyo – If you’re into any kind of psychedelic music and you don’t know these guys, then stop everything you’re doing and go check them out. Their style combines a lot of psychedelic rock with folk elements and they have a godlike sitar player. Check their latest album, Masana Temples, released last year.

DYGL – I sincerely have no idea how DYGL haven’t exploded into the indie rock scene. Their songs are extremely catchy and well written. And even though their popularity in Japan is way higher when compared with the rest of the world, there’s no way for indie fans to miss these guys.

Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu – There’s ‘Pirate Metal’, ‘Viking Metal’, and with this trio, there’s ‘Samurai Metal’. That’s the best way of describing Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu. A very unique thrash metal band, with ultra-catchy riffs, a lot of slap bass, and Samurai and Japanese folklore lyrics. All sang in Japanese, that goes surprisingly well with the flow of their music.

Grimm Grimm – This Koichi Yamanoha project will make you dream. Gentle guitar passages with psychedelic vibes and also folk elements mixed with synthesisers. All of this done mostly by one awesome man that can captivate the essence of Japanese folk and a psychedelic atmosphere. A perfect balance of emotion and darkness.

No Buses – A very promising quartet with only a few songs published on SoundCloud and YouTube, but extremely good ones. They’re a fairly recent band with an indie pop/rock sound. Fans of bands similar to Arctic Monkeys should definitely check them out.

Words by Jose Cruz


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