Hinds @ Engine Rooms, Southampton 21/11/18

“We’re not from here, you’re not from here, what are we doing here?” vocalist Carlotta Cosials asks the audience. The Madrid-based band and the crowd, from across the UK, have gathered together in Southampton in anticipation of a lively evening.

Before Hinds we are treated to emerging local talent in the form of Lauran Hibberd, whose combination of sugar-sweet vocals and heavy indie rock is a solid precursor to the Spaniards. Harlesden indies Sports Team follow, the six-piece giving an expressive performance with the antics of frontman Alex Rice set to live long in the memory.

Once Hinds take to the stage, it’s clear we’re in for a treat. The rapport between the members on stage, particularly frontwomen Cosials and Ana Perrote is entertaining, and the connection Hinds form with the crowd is pleasing to witness. There’s plenty of banter to go around, with the occasional ‘hola’ from the crowd and Cosials asking the audience for a tissue at one point.

‘Soberland’, from second album I Don’t Run, begins the set. They work their way through the hits from both the aforementioned album – ‘The Club’ is a highlight – and debut Leave Me Alone, as well as playing latest single ‘British Mind’, which Cosials explains is inspired by the British trope of the sun representing happiness. Further strengthing the link between their nation and that of the audience, their cover of The Clash’s ‘Spanish Bombs’, is impressive, as they adopt the song as their own. They’re louder and heavier on stage than in the studio, and this works with their sound; it’s a garage-rock masterclass.

The gig finishes all too soon, as Hinds leave the stage to the sound of a crowd vociferously requesting encore. They get what they wish for, with ‘New For You’ the final song, their luscious harmonies leaving the audience wanting more.

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