Basement @ The 1865, Southampton 21/11/18

Following the release of their new album, Beside Myself back in October, Basement grasp the bull by the horns with nothing but energy and emotion built up ready to blare out the new material on their return to Southampton as part of their headline UK tour.

Accompanying them is Ecca Vandal with material that fuses together punk, hip-hop and pop influences. Strutting around the stage and throwing everything she has in to the performance to warm up the crowd, Ecca Vandal proves she is a suitable opener.

Next up is Joyce Manor, setting the scene with plenty of pop- punk fury and energy. Playing a mix of new tracks from Million Dollars to Kill Me which was also released of this year, as well as older material, Joyce Manor successfully ignite the atmosphere in preparation for Basement.

Their set opens with ‘Disconnect’, immediately capturing the crowd’s attention as everyone moves forward to sing along to the emotive end of chorus “What have you done to make us feel this disconnect?”

Silhouettes of moons and other shapes are projected on to the ceiling while yellow lights flash on to the crowd, highlighting how packed out the room is. Considering that two years ago when Basement were last at The 1865, not enough tickets sold resulting in being downgraded to a much smaller venue, The Talking Heads, it seems that in that time their fan base has grown massively.

The rest of the set follows with a variety of songs from their past albums such as ‘Whole’ from Colourmeinkindness , ‘Aquasun’ from Promise Everything and  ‘Be Here Now’ from the new album. Passion and energy is evenly fuelled from start to finish, sustaining the lively atmosphere.

Towards the end, slowing things down a little and turning the atmosphere slightly grungier, ‘Covet’, one of the most popular tracks with the most listens on Spotify, is played. As soon as “When I’m …” is sang, the crowd erupts, swaying from side to side and singing along to every single word with over-enthusiasm.

Other than greeting the crowd and a simple “thank you”, the band didn’t converse much. It felt that they didn’t need to as the 17- song set-list contained enough emotion, passion, gratitude and a feeling of unity that spoke for themselves.

Ending with ‘Promise Everything’, Basement finish the set on a high, leaving the crowd wanting more with the track’s abrupt end.

A passion filled performance along with a heavily engaged crowd goes hand in hand for one of the most exciting gigs The 1865 has ever seen. Next time they’re in Southampton, hopefully they’ll meet Guildhall’s stage.

Words by Rosie Chalk


Photo: Mitchell Wojcik

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