Q&A: Sunflower Bean

Before kicking off their UK tour, New York indie-rock band Sunflower Bean talk to Audio Addict about Wolf Alice, their growth as a band, and their upcoming EP.

What was it like touring with Wolf Alice last year?

Incredible. They are just as amazing as they seem, as musicians and friends. They really inspired us to push ourselves harder, because they really show kids and people what rock can be these days. And it’s just great music. 

How does it feel to tour in the UK? 

We love it. It feels like a second home. Our favourite part is maybe the fry-ups. 

The best thing about touring the UK is the fans. People in the UK really get music. It’s something in the water.

How do you feel like you evolved between the releases of Human Ceremony and Twentytwo In Blue?

We had the intention of going inward instead of outward, and reaching people in a way that we hadn’t before, by showing more of our vulnerability. We also like to change and evolve, we never want to be stale. So that pushed us to try new things with our guitar tone and singing especially, to pull it back and really show who we are.

What can you tell us about the upcoming EP?

We made it this summer as a growth from Twentytwo In Blue. We wanted to use what we learned from touring it and really living in our skin to take hold of what we wanted to say. If we were understanding our power on Twentytwo in Blue, now it’s in our control. 

What inspired your latest song ‘Come For Me’?

Come For Me is a sort of threat. It’s about knowing your strength, and teasing someone to test it. That strength can be physical, mental, sexual, the point is that it’s there.

Besides King Of Dudes, what’s in the pipeline for the future?

We always move with the times, reacting and creating work that speaks to NOW! So there’s no way to answer that yet. We’re still loving playing Twentytwo In Blue for everyone, and King Of The Dudes is gonna be pretty sick too.

Words by Adam England


Photo: Hollie Fernando

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