On the day he releases his third album Jubilee Road, Tom Odell checks into the Guildhall for a comprehensive live performance which certainly seems to satisfy his legions of dedicated fans.

The first act to take to the stage is East Yorkshire singer-songwriter Charlotte. The 20-year-old’s talent is evident but it’s clear that she’s lacking in experience, as her stage presence needs developing. Her unexpected cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’ is a highlight, however, and she’s an artist with potential. She’s followed by American Max Jury, whose Americana-tinged soft rock sets the stage appropriately for the main act; he seems set to become a future Pitchfork darling.

Tom Odell, and his backing band, arrive to a raucous reception. He kicks off with ‘Jubilee Road’, the title track from his latest album, before jumping into ‘I Know’. The tracks from his debut are the ones which garner the greatest approval from the audience, with the triple whammy of ‘Can’t Pretend’, ‘Grow Old With Me’ and ‘Hold Me’ sending the crowd into ecstasy. Even the tracks the audience were less familiar with went down well however, with the crowd showing their appreciation for the four songs from Jubilee Road, as well as those from his second. Nonetheless, the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for signature song ‘Another Love’, for which Odell saves one of his most impressive vocal performances.

Through Odell’s interactions with the audience, it’s clear he’s genuinely pleased to be in Southampton. He emphasises how delighted he is to be performing on the day his album is released, tries and ultimately fails to whistle, and aims a couple of jokey barbs at the venue for their strict enforcement of the curfew. It’s refreshing to see that despite his popularity, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Finishing his encore just after curfew – he starts final song ‘Magnetised’ with the chorus to keep the Guildhall sweet – he bids farewell and departs from stage.

Words by Adam England


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