What a lovely sun-kissed evening it is for Black Honey’s final pre-album tour; hoards of glitter-girls and indie-boys descend upon Portsmouth’s Wedgewood Rooms for the last whiff of what’s to come from the group’s debut record this year.

Humbly appreciative of the early-comers, there’s a healthy dosage of everything B-Town from local support Flowvers (like Bristol Rovers, not Austin Powvers). Their original tracks have a pleasant charm, guising familiar chord progressions behind prepubescent vocals and floppy haircuts. It’s made immediately apparent that the foundations laid by these teenagers are no match for the C4 detonation that follows. Nova Twins are tonight’s unexpected bonus, serving mean distortion with a side of Riot grrrl power. Of course Black Honey love these guys – you can practically see the sheer fuzz-power of their riffs.

Nova Twins 4 wmNova Twins: By Phoebe Lauren

The stage is packed to the rafters with zebra-print clothing and glitter balls as Black Honey dive straight into ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’, the first of four new tracks from the indie album of the year elect. Every other previously unheard addition to the setlist is nailed with versatile perfection, hopping from funked-up cinematic nostalgia on ‘Blue Romance’ to lighters aloft slow-jam ‘Baby’. The true centrepiece is disco romp ‘Midnight’, the band’s unreleased lead single complete with Izzy’s Saturday Night Fever moves. For the seasoned fan, Black Honey’s setlist doesn’t disappoint; the latest single ‘Bad Friends’ translates to the stage triumphantly, alongside stalwart classics ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘Madonna’; complemented further with the addition of ‘Bloodlust’, an unwaveringly confident throwback to the early days.

Black Honey Live Drawing: By Charlie Hoar
black honey 24.png

Is any Black Honey show complete without a stage invasion during the tour’s swansong ‘Corrine’? We’ve seen it before at The Joiners and Truck Festival, and the band have come to adopt it as a welcome tradition, inviting the hoards onstage for more of a parley than an invasion. Thanking Portsmouth for its continued devotion over the years, Black Honey depart having offered us the forbidden fruit. Come back, please, we want more.

Words by: Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3

Black Honey are the cover stars of  Audio Addict #28, which you can view online here or pick up a physical copy in selected stores across Southampton.

Visit our Black Honey gallery here for drawings and photos by Charlie Hoar and Phoebe Lauren.



  1. Awesome songs ,great music and I love this sound.Every song is great.Like nirvana and a few other bands ve done.Great.Wheres the album? Mhm? With a lot extras on it ? Behind it ? Inside the sleeves? Or beyond?

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