Shropshire band Savannah have taken their The Who and Oasis inspired sound to The Dana Prison in Shrewsbury for the release of new single ‘Cold Heart’, released on March 16th. Described by the band as ‘more poppy’ and ‘fast-paced’ than some of their previous material. The music video portrays the band as prisoners trying to lead a revolt in an authoritarian society, and shows them staging a performance to the other inmates. It was filmed at the prison and the four-piece returned there to play a gig for the official launch party.

The former Category B/C men’s prison – formally known as HM Prison Shrewsbury – once held Bob Welch of the Great Train Robbery, and closed in 2013. It has since been used by Jailhouse Tours as a tourist attraction and educational site, as well as appearing in TV shows such as Lucky Man and Most Haunted.

‘Cold Heart’ is the band’s first release since November’s single ‘All the Right Reasons’, and precedes their debut album currently in the works. With its pulsating indie rock feel and electric chorus, it’s one of the best songs the band have released, and shows how they have evolved over the past couple of years.

This isn’t the first time they’ve embarked on unorthodox activities either, performing a gig on the top of the 1300 ft hill The Wrekin in 2015.The band described filming the video as ‘a brilliant experience, different to anything else we’ve ever done’, and after seeing the end product it’s safe to say it definitely worked out well. Judging by their past exploits, they are a band to keep an eye on.

Words by: Adam England


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