After releasing their latest album, Underworld, in January 2018, Bristol marks the last day of their first UK tour exploring their newest creation. Since guitarist Whakaio Taahi parted ways with the band in October 2017, the band are showing no signs of a weakening bond.

Engulfing the stage with effortless power and energy, Tonight Alive does not tire of putting on a performance. Plucking tracks from all over their musical career, McDougall teases the crowd with a capella choruses from 2011’s ‘Breaking and Entering’ and 2017’s ‘World Away’.

Throughout the set, McDougall displays just why the band means so much to so many people. With humble and passionate speeches about inner strength and using your higher mind to gain control, she frequently emphasises the power we each posses.

Honing the venue to a place of still and calm, McDougall’s soft Australian accent echoes into the mic, “This is the most requested song we’ve ever had.” The acoustic guitar riff of 2011 track ‘Amelia’ eases in gently, as McDougall’s vocals are infused with powerful emotion. By this point the mood is different and their excitable nature is stripped back as only she and guitarist Jake Hardy are left to the stage. The lights are still, the warm orange leaving all focus on the raw vulnerability behind the lyrics as McDougall aches, “The whole world should know your name.”

Tonight Alive reinforce every sense of the phrase “dance like nobody’s watching” and in the best way possible. This consistent enthusiasm throughout the night seeps with a love for what they do and the music they create. Powerful, driven and humble, Tonight Alive put every bit as much themselves into the performance as they do their music.

Words and photos by Phoebe Randall, for more pictures check out the Phoebe’s photo gallery here.

Instagram: @phoebelaurenphotos

Twitter: @pheebsok

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