Rebelling against the status-quo needn’t elicit an anarchic, punk attitude – but it is fun. Female three-piece ‘Dream Wife’ heartily concur, as evidenced on their eponymous debut, turning a nose up at the #MeToo-naysayers and relentlessly endorsing their sexuality.

Rakel Mjoll’s kooky voice is intriguing, though never more gripping than the words for which she uses it. From the off Mjoll’s screams of “Lets make out / Are we too shy?” unapologetically announce the band’s ethos – sexual liberation and female empowerment. ‘Somebody’ encompasses this notion as comprehensively as any other, sardonically humouring the “she was asking for it” camp. There’s an unrivalled clarity with which the anthem’s key line is spoken, one which demands to be heard. “I am not my body, I am somebody,” snarls Mjoll, berating the world’s insistent moral defilers. Bella Podpadec and Alice Go fervently play out the riffy remainder of the album, somewhat enthused by their own empowerment, and rightly so. There’s a poised ferocity to Dream Wife, where ‘Taste’ and ‘Spend the Night’ could fall into the trap of abrasiveness there’s a prepossessing sweetness lining the hem.

The pick of the lot is undoubtedly ‘Love Without Reason’, an endearing reminder that empowered females enjoy love and intimacy as much as the next person (DUH-DOY). This is perhaps to the disdain of misogynistic mouth-breathers coming up with phrases like “feminazis”, but I can safely say that Dream Wife do not give a fuck.

Words by Rupert Taylor


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