Django Django have occupied a curious place in the music world since their formation. Not quite reaching the level of recognition of Alt-J, say, but never feeling like true outsiders. On Marble Skies, the quartet show that they are deserving of more attention as they take us on a tour around the best elements of indie, rock and electronic music.

The groovy synth-rock of ‘Marble Skies’ and ‘Champagne’ that begin the record make for a solid start, interspersed with vocals from Self Esteem (Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor) on the dancehall-infused ‘Surface to Air’. On the next couple of tracks, the band hark back to the sounds of their debut with single ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and ‘Further’; the former is a welcome return, but the latter feels stodgy. The misstep is soon forgiven though, as the mellow ‘Sundials’ and ‘Beam Me Up’ put Marble Skies firmly back on track. Nearing the end of the record, we veer off into firm synthpop territory. ‘In Your Beat’ is New Order-meets-early-MGMT, while the pulsating beat of ‘Real Gone’ makes it a highlight. Final track ‘Foundations’ is a dependable closer, as Django Django continue proving that they are one of the most innovative and eclectic bands around today.

Words by Adam England


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