NOW PLAYING 17/10/17

Bad Machines – Life Of Chasing Butterflies

As Bad Machines rise from the ashes of a band member leaving and the need for a change of music, this single rose like a butterfly flying for the first time.

The single provides cleverly written lyrics with a clear indication that the influence of post-hard core has had a massive effect on them.  Lyrics such as “Stop living your life, start living your dreams” and “Determined and fixated that I’m gonna pull you through” show that they’re not just your typical band from Gainsborough, they intend to stay and keep moving forward.

Screaming guitar solos, addictive vocals and hard-hitting drum beats allow for the four-piece to announce to the world that they are back chasing their dreams and butterflies apparently.

Words by Josh Abraham

Sufjan Stevens – Wallowa Lake Monster

A beautiful seven minute epic from Sufjan never goes amiss amongst his fans, however for those unseasoned in the Stevens it’s worth steering towards this one.

The softness that comes so naturally to the Detroit born singer-songwriter settles the listener, inducing a comfort so deep it’s like sinking into your mate’s fold-out futon at 5am. Guitars plink and plonk lightly, underscoring the narrative delivered like a fable to a congregation.

As the track develops it gets only sweeter, swathes of ballooning synthesisers accompanied by angelic choirs evoke something surreal and other-worldly. The entire latter half of the song is wordless, allowing the simple, tried-and-tested chord progression to really seep into your brain and echo there for the rest of the day.

Words by Maddy Hardman


Tokio Myers – Bloodstream

So it’s coming to the end of 2017 and who’d have thought it, we’re still talking about Britain’s Got effing Talent. However, with the the newly crowned champion of this year’s series – Tokio Myers, in case you hadn’t heard –  set to release his debut album on November 17th, listening to the first track is so detached from any regular BGT ‘thing’ we’ve become accustom to, he’s bringing crowd-pleasing to the next level.

With all the attributes people are yearning for, he delivers a classical, velvet-like piano, with urban, gritty beats that bring everything into the modern-day. A grand intro, two whole minutes worth, comes to an end after the delicately-uplifting piano is abruptly put to a stop for the heavy drum machine to kick in and do its thing.

Being so hard to gauge what the future holds for a BGT winner, I think it’s fairly safe to say Myers will live long in the memory after “Susanalbumparty.”

Words by Andrew Shelley


Louis Tomlinson – Just Like You

This song is bang average. At first, that seems like a pretty harsh criticism of what is meant to be the humanisation of a demi-god, but it’s difficult for Louis’ levelling to resonate when the music is like a lumbering 6-footer standing in front of you at the gig, always blocking the focus.

It’s as if the “moderation is key” memo got lost and every pop producer has to underplay every verse’s instrumentals until the chorus hits, at which point overdone bass inconspicuously stomps into view, like a giant strolling through a cricket match. Trying with all my might to overlook the aforementioned, it’s pretty easy to see what Louis is saying. “Every heart breaks the same / every tear leaves a stain / let me be the same” couldn’t be any more of a cry for empathy. A sentiment which will be duly rewarded once you can execute the delivery.

Words by Rupert Taylor


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