It’s been a long time coming, but music from St. Vincent graces the world once more, and it’s definitely a treat. Although it’s been two years since her last album, Annie Clark has been busy collaborating with the likes of The Chemical Brothers, and even becoming the first female ambassador for Record Store Day.

There is a feeling of different genres of music throughout this album, going from a simple piano ballad with ‘Happy Birthday, Johnny,’ to some more classic St. Vincent experimental bass and electronic vibes on tracks ‘Pills’ and ‘Los Angeles,’ which never gets old.  ‘New York’ is a track that blends smooth bass and keys together for something that fits perfectly in the middle of the album. Lyrics talking about how that one person means more than any other person in an entire city and it’s no surprise this track is one the best features of the album when Jack Antonoff (of Fun and Bleachers) produced it.

Throughout the album there are some grim vibes when it comes to lyrics and the overall tone of the music, however this somehow ends up becoming a fantastic feature and is helped by the likes of Kamasi Washington, Doveman, and former lover Cara Delevingne featuring on certain tracks. In ‘Young Lover’ St. Vincent stretches her vocals to the limits, and with an addictive drum beat and intriguing experimental sounds, this track makes your hairs stand on end throughout. More hooking beats and experimental sounds follow in ‘Saviour’, and having it on repeat all day makes the track even more captivating.

Masseduction comes in a darker form than any of Clark’s previous albums. Contrasting sounds from varying instruments prove certain points within the lyrics, and produce reasons again why it’s so great to have Clark back where she belongs, and prove why she keeps getting better and better.

Words by Josh Abraham

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