LIVE: DMA’S @ THE 1865, 25/7/2017

Ever heard of DMA’s? If not, you’re not alone. They’re the ‘fast-rising’ band from Australia, spreading excited murmurs on their return to England a year after their debut album, Hills End. They kicked off their UK tour at Southampton’s sold out 1865 venue.

Support came from the obvious choice of Southampton band Cassava, who manage to gain an opening slot for almost any up and coming band that come to the city. That being said, their songs are punchy, repetitive and with a Cassava gig, you know exactly what to expect. With Milburn sounding riffs screeching from start to end, their over-keen crowd of teenagers loved every minute of the set whilst dancing in a world of indie paradise.

DMA’s swaggered onto the stage swiftly after to a welcoming crowd, and it would seem the Britpop memo has reached Australia 20 years too late. The Britpop sound given off by DMA’s was misleading and you wouldn’t be alone if you thought you were watching Cast – the ‘90s nostalgia is something that was loved on this Tuesday night. However, if you were like me, you would have felt more like you were at an Oasis tribute night.

Basing a review on just comparing one band to another is pretty lazy journalism, however in this case the comparison is necessary; don’t get me wrong, hints of other bands such as Blur and even The View shone through their set, but Oasis were headlining amongst their influences.
The sound of DMAs was rather 2D and indolent but struck as intentional due to them fostering almost every aspect of Oasis they could possibly take, including the sportswear, Gallagher-esque stance and the monotone sneer of the vocals. Despite the stolen ingredients from arguably one of the biggest bands in the world, there was something rather underwhelming about DMAs. Could it been due to the fact that this has all been done a million times before?

The moods shifted throughout the evening and saw fans either hurtling to the stage or sat on shoulders singing their hearts out to ‘Delete’. The acoustic mood-swing sweetened the crowd up one last time before they went out with a bang on ‘Laced’ and ‘L.A.Y’.
Overall, the night was sweaty, hot and a fun environment but I’d rather have just listened to a Britpop compilation album.


Words by Jasmine Hodge


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