The Kooks are back with their ”The best of… So Far” tour, which feels like a nostalgic throwback to a time when indie music was making a massive comeback, and hipsters were at their peak. Everyone wanted guitar riffs and sappy love songs.

IMG_0106-17Despite the band not dropped anything new in three years time, they still managed to completely sell out the venue and meet the anticipated crowds with the bouncy track ‘Eddie’s Gun’ against a vibrant red backdrop which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The lead singer Luke Pritchard is a true performer on the stage as he bounces around with ease and dazzles the crowd with cheeky dance moves during each song, giving every ounce of energy he’s got.IMG_0178-1


Surrounded by the vibrancy of indie music, there were moments when the band lost the ambiance of their performance to their newer songs, but managed to retain it to crowd favourites from their first two albums Inside In/Inside Out and Konk such as ‘Sway’, ‘Ooh La’ and ‘She Moves her own way’, despite the crowd seeming too young to remember when the albums came out. The magical enthusiasm of the audience reflected during the acoustic classic ‘Seaside and a slowed down piano version of ‘Rosie, got the crowd crying out each word in synch with the lead singer. IMG_0142-1Southampton truly witnessed a magical performance from what will come to be an indie classic. Their performance was blissful, with the crowd wild throughout the show. The Kooks managed to blissfully capture the very essence of what indie rock is all about.


Words by Pegah Khakuei

Photos by Isha Shah


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