Live: Vodun @ Bournemouth Anvil, 20/04/2017

Sporting traditional African dress and tribal face paint, Vodun walk onto the stage within the Bournemouth Anvil and undoubtedly capture the attention of the venue before they’ve even begun playing. From the very first moment of the beginning track ‘Minos Army’, the modestly sized stage appears to open up, as if overpowered by a new and mysterious force of energy.
Although somewhat of a predictable description, especially when describing a voodoo-themed band, Vodun are a group of entirely new invention. As they combine flickers of African-drumming, tambourines, cowbells and Turbowolf-esque guitar riffs, Vodun manage to position themselves within a completely un-touched area of sound.
The combination of vocals is just one of many striking characteristics belonging to this anomalous group; front woman “Oya’s” soulful shrieks and wails summon a delightfully nightmarish charm when paired against guitarist “The Marassa’s” ghoulish croaks. Each member within Vodun is wholly hypnotising, but it has to be noted that drummer “Ougoun” stole the performance with her mesmerising ability, as she struck the kit with such intensity, that it really was questionable how the instrument was still left standing.
As the band continue their set, there are points where the forcefulness of the music became so rife, that it held the same velocity of what one might believe watching an exorcism to be like.
After numerous heavy and ferocious tracks, including ‘Mawu’ and “Bloodstones’, the band bring their inescapably room-filling sound, (in a literal sense) even more so into the room. As Oya gifts cowbells and shakers to various individuals in the crowd she spurs them on to join in the music.
Vodun may be unique in character, but it is their bewildering and feverishly wild performance which makes them just so unbelievably watchable.

Words by Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch



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