Milburn came down from up north to give Southampton a treat with their gig at the Engine Rooms. Having split in 2008, I as well as the rest of the band’s fan base didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to see them live – but they decided to treat the indie-rock scene and grace everyone with their presence once again.

Southampton’s very own Cassava were the support for the night and made sure the crowd remembered their name. Debuting their new single ‘Long Way Home’, which gave a Circa Waves-esque vibe,  and performing crowd favourites ‘What Have You Got?’ and ‘Martha’ proved they fit the bill as support act. Catchy choruses ensured everyone ended up singing along if they weren’t already and confirmed they’re only going up from here.

Milburn were greeted with an uproar of cheers as soon as they walked on stage, and almost immediately burst into their first song, but not before front man and bassist Joe Carnall announced, “We disappeared for too long!” The set list was full tunes from their debut album ‘Well Well Well’, such as ‘Showroom’ and ‘Roll Out The Barrel’, which proved to be favourites amongst the crowd.

Latest singles ‘Keep Me in Mind’ and ‘Midnight Control’ gave away that they’ve stuck to what they know, but nonetheless bring excitement for their long awaited third album release in June. As well as these, the band performed a few songs from their second studio album ‘These Are The Facts’, and ‘Count To 10’ got the whole venue involved. The slight pause about a minute into the song builds tension within the crowd as they wait knowingly for the drums to come in and the chorus to start. The evident rapport within the band makes for a great show, as all members prove they’ve perfected each and every song they perform, down to every chord struck and every drum hit.

Not long before finishing, Carnall shouted “The Italians, Dutch and Germans won’t have anything on you Southampton!” and ended the night with ‘What You Could’ve Won’. The gig as a whole proved they made the right decision coming back, and gave just a taste of what’s to come.

Words by Elisha Cloughton

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