Band Of The Week No. 14: Baby Queens

Home Town: Cardiff

For Fans Of: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Frank Ocean

The Details:
Baby Queens 
emerged onto the scene in 2013, and the band was able to capture the hearts of many.  The band consists of family, literally, two sisters, two cousins and an adopted sister creating some influential soulful/R’n’B/fusion music that has got people talking.

The five-piece, originally from Cardiff, released their debut album on the back end of 2016 and within the last few weeks have had numerous plays on Radio 1 and Radio 2 as well as announcing a small tour that will cover the majority of the country.  Even to an extent where they will be playing Boomtown Festival, which is impressive and an exciting prospect.

Not only has the band done so well, but so has each individual’s solo work, the band goes from soul to rap, but the solo projects range from punk rock to house.  Completely different genres being mixed together and yet they make it work and make it successful.

Unique not only in their music but fashion and love of all things the band has a fan base that constantly wants more from them as well as the fact that some tracks have gone viral online.  Tracks such as “Red Light” reached over two million plays on Spotify and tracks such as “Tired of Love” have reached over 100,000 views on YouTube.

The soulfulness of each track brings in new elements that haven’t been used before or seen and this is what makes the family so unique.  Although the band is predominately playing in Bristol and London, they do keep to their routes by creating all their music videos within Cardiff and even locating new and upcoming editors so that they get the opportunity that the band have had.

Tracks such as “Red Light”, “Unite” and “Tired of Love” have become favourites of the band to not only play in a live aspect, but also many commenters on their social media exclaiming how they love these specific tracks because it’s something you don’t hear within the current music industry.  It’s hard not to agree with that considering the bands soulful music has brought in beautiful vocals, insanely talented guitar riffs as well as creative drum beats that have now ended up becoming YouTube adverts.  Baby Queens are a band worth looking into.

Words by Josh Abraham

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