Band Of The Week No.13: Vulgarians

Home Town: Kingston upon Hull
Photo: Luke Hallett

For Fans Of: Metz, Ty Segall, Bad Breeding.

The Details:
Vulgarians have quickly become Hull’s greatest export. They’ve got the approval of The Wytches and Dinosaur Pile-Up on the back of a string of singles and EP’s. All of which combine eery post-punk guitar wails and bone-shaking vocals enough to make Mark E Smith quiver in his boots. There is more than noise to the four-piece, and this is emphasised by their live performances. These are both chaotic yet precise. Sure, the riffs are loud and the drums are just insane but there are hidden melodies beneath the dirt. This is made possible by guitarist Luke Ellerington, who constantly shifts between overdriven tones and jangly, reverb-drenched riffs. There are clear comparisons to bands like Bad Breeding and in particular, Metz who, like Vulgarians, use the loud-quiet dynamic to its full effect.

Vulagarians themselves reside in Kingston upon Hull. Where recently a strong underground music scene has developed. This has been helped in part by venues like The Adelphi giving bands the chance to play. The Adelphi has played host to bands like Gengahr and Flamingods in recent times. This has given bands like Vulgarians the belief to follow a career as a band and flourish which no doubt has given them confidence, especially as they have recently toured with TRAAMS and looked more than at home onstage. Giving bands opportunities should be what more venues in towns and cities across the UK should be doing because there are times when gems are unearthed.

In the run up to a UK tour, Vulgarians shared new music via their soundcloud account. The band are also planning to release a new EP on May 5th. Almost-Instinct, Almost True sees Vulgarians at their best. The sound is still gritty but it’s much more refined as opposed to earlier releases. It’s evident that new musical ideas are forming within the band too, there is seemingly less emphasis on heavy guitar riffs and more of a sound showcasing each individual member. By doing this as a collective rather than focusing one on element of their music, they have discovered their signature sound and can build on this for future releases.

When discussing the new release, frontman Ryan Wilson-Preen states:  “There is certainly more clarity and quality to the songs we wrote [for the new EP]. I never thought we would write ‘Hands Around The Waste’. We’ve started bringing more ideas to the table – not that there is any differing approach to song writing, but there are more pauses for what’s next.” With support growing across the UK, particularly from Steve Lamacq who personally requested that the band play at The Great Escape festival, Vulgarians are all set to make that next step and with an album possibly in tow too, that step is within reach.

Words by Tom Staniszewski

Vulgarians are touring across the UK in May this year.

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