Live: The Skints @ The Joiners, 27/01/2017

In a time where independent venues are severely under threat, The Skints are here at Southampton’s Joiners to show their support for Independent Venue Week. Emerging from the smoke onto the pint-sized stage, London’s multi-talented ska quartet don’t mess around and instantly get the funk moving with ‘Rubadub (Done Know)’.

Flipping from vocals to melodica to flute, keyboard to samplers and a saxophone, you wonder if there’s anything Marcia Richards can’t do. Exchanging each instrument for the next so quickly it’s hard to tell if she even has time to breathe, she radiates talent and masters every single one.

The former Boomtown headliners have such presence in the tiny space, the floor feels like jelly under the wavey movements of the 200 people absorbed by every single note. Despite obvious genre differences, covering Black Flag’s ‘My War’ with their own unique twist is a highlight that truly displays the band’s ability. With their harmonies melting into each other as the bass bounces back and forth, it’s clear The Skints are a band who have perfected the art of playing together. The unity throughout the performance feels so natural, almost as though they’re intertwined. Everything they do, they do incredibly well and with so much energy and skill.

Putting on a show that glides effortlessly from song to song, The Skints have an aura of genuine love for what they do that envelopes the entire venue. Closing the night with ‘Culture Vulture’, the floor erupts into a mosh and the lights begin to flash, sending the room into an alternative universe in mere seconds. The Skints put on more than just a gig – their shows are an experience that is hard to find anywhere else.


Words by Phoebe Randall


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