Snapchat: What Promotional Values Can It Offer?

For some time now, Snapchat filters are the talk of the town on a night out. You can catch up with friends and use that oh so annoying puppy filter. Regardless of this, over the last year artists have used the multimedia platform as a way of promoting gigs, new releases and much more.

By using this communication tool, artists can tease album artwork, promotional gig posters and show the outside view of a venue on the night of a gig. An example of this is when Guns N’ Roses had their very own custom Snapchat filter to promote their tour; you’ve also got Pierce The Veil who in May 2016, were able to use the album art work from their album, Misadventures, as a Snapchat filter turning out to be very popular amongst fans.

It doesn’t even have to be the artists using the platform as a way of communicating with their fans.  Many radio stations have also created their own Snapchat filter as a way of welcoming bands to their studios before they play a show at the local venue which is a nice touch. Especially if you haven’t played in the area that the radio station is in or even if you’re the support act, it’s nice to see what your hard work is doing.

Connecting to the fan base is crucial and the connection can just go from having a good time at a festival to being on a tour with a band.  So the filters are also a way of promoting a festival you’re at and it’s good to see the filters aren’t just for artists to promote their own work.  It was actually at Coachella festival where this trend started. You know that flower filter? That all started there and a ridiculous amount of people still use today, so this proves that even if it is just for the promotional use of the place you’re at, it’s become so popular that even a year after it’s creation, it’s still being used, mostly for selfies however.

Using social media for promotional uses has become more of a thing over the last few years, but Snapchat has really become a way of the fans being able to connect with the artist that they love, even if it is just for one night.

Words by Josh Abraham

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