LIVE: Jack Garratt @ O2 Guildhall Southampton, 27/11/16

“Southampton came the f*** out tonight!” exclaims Jack Garratt. Tonight he plays the second to last date of his UK tour of debut Phase, at Southampton’s sold out O2 Guildhall. He sits surrounded by an abundance of synths, drums, keyboards, guitars and loop pedals, performing each instrument simultaneously with precise coordination.IMG_2933-24.jpg

As soon as he hits the first chords of ‘Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt. II)’, buzzing bass resonates through the venue. Garratt screams with gusto, hitting the drums so hard he breaks a drumstick. Although he proclaims himself to be simply “a human who is very very tired” it is undeniable that he gives it his very all every night.

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist finishes popular track ‘Breathe Life’, breathless and full of adrenaline. He moves with his music like it is the blood pumping in his body. His passion and emotion translates through falsetto vocals and facial expressions. A moving atmosphere continues to transmit across the entire venue during dazzling ‘Surprise Yourself’.

He grins and humours the audience: “If you don’t know the words you can do what I do every night and make them up!” His joking around continues throughout his set, teasing the audience, playing only the intros of covers. The crowd boo as they are fooled, over and over. However, a full cover of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ goes down a treat, whilst a mash up of Craig David’s ‘Seven Days’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Señorita’ brings diversity to his set.

img_2987-32Garratt’s humble demeanour and relatable words make him more human than ever as he gives a shout out to powerful women and minorities: “I want to dedicate this song to anyone who has ever been marginalised or victimised because of something they believe in”, before playing beautiful track ‘My House Is Your Home’. A bluesy guitar solo on final track ‘Worry’ makes a great end to the night.

Even with only one album of material, Jack Garratt puts on a show like no other. He is a truly talented and class act, not to be missed.


Words by Rosalyn Boder

Photos by Isha Shah @ishaphotos

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