Live: Eats Everything @ Switch Southampton 12/11/2016

With UK house becoming increasingly popular, it’s an exciting time to catch Bristol based DJ and producer Daniel Pearce- or as he is more commonly known, Eats Everything.

After the last time he played Switch and had it sell out almost instantly, it’s no wonder the turnout contributes to the brilliant night. His track ‘Dancing (Again!)’ with lyrics, “Let’s go dancing, I wanna go dancing with you, all night dancingis a perfect foreshadowing of what to expect until the early hours of Sunday morning. A large crowd of gurning young adults pack out the dancefloor, and do exactly what this unforgettable track is commanding them to do; the atmosphere is truly breath taking as the “all night dancingis present from start to finish.

To get a good view without being too distracted by the hard partying flowing through the main dancefloor, you have to stand behind the man himself as he plays to the ever-expanding room. The music flows and feeds off every single person in Switch and racks up an unforgettable atmosphere as his effortless ability to mix tracks has the room bouncing from beginning to end.

Eats Everything’s house style songs, mixed with him bombing hints of D&B before adding dustings of garage styles into his mix, could easily steal the show, however, the single skill that helps Pearce be split separately from other DJ’s is his capability of perfecting the build-up in every track. With each suspense building section being just long enough to get the crowd ready for a drop (without draining them of all energy), it helps maintain a speciality throughout his whole set that makes him a totally unforgettable night out.

Words by Jasmine Hodge

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