Game of Thrones: stake your allegiance

With the battle banners ahead of season six released, three of Audio Addict’s writers take to their keyboards to demonstrate their dedication to GoT and choose their sides…

Jamie O’Melia: House Stark

The Starks have been seen as a failure in the past but they will rise again and take down anyone who stands in their path. With Ned, Catelyn, Rob, and possibly Jon all dead, the only members of the Stark family left to claim Winterfell are Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. As they are all younger they are all being protected by others or they have learnt to look after themselves. Compared to the other houses, the Starks have not been torn apart from the inside. The Lannister’s have fallen from the high tower and lay in the dust of their triumphant past. With Tyrion killing his father Tywin and Joffrey being poisoned at his own wedding, the lions roar has been ripped out and fed to the dire wolves. Targaryen, on the other hand, has one last heir and her fire will be quenched soon enough. Daenerys Targaryen has been left alone in this world and abandoned by the only dragon she didn’t lock away. The Dothraki will tear her limb from limb as she will claim to be their Khaleesi, but as the teaser trailer said “You are nobody. The millionth of your name. Queen of Nothing.” That is why I’m backing House Stark.


Maddy Hardman: House Targaryen

By the end of season five, many a fan of the Khaleesi and her clan were beginning to doubt the decisions of the young Queen Daenerys. Now with one of her dragons on the loose and wreaking havoc across the Meereen, and the other two locked up in a cave somewhere, it’s not looking great.

However, as the only surviving offspring of the Mad King Aerys II, who was forcibly removed by Jaime, Dany has a pretty strong claim to the throne. She’s proved herself as a strong leader, freeing thousands of slaves from their masters, and with more of a moral backbone than the rest of Westoros put together, you’ve got to give the girl some credit. Remember that her traumatic life has only been testing her for 20 years, and yet her experiences amount to that of a wise and weathered woman. She’s got many a year ahead of her, and with her two main mainland rivals in tatters, there’s a good chance that with the right support (i.e Tyrion and Varys), and if she can get those pesky dragons in check, that she might just breathe fire on this chilly winter.


Andrew Shelley: House Lannister

There’s a reason the ‘unofficial’ saying of House Lannister is “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

As the richest of all the families in the Seven Kingdoms, each and every Lannister enjoys every form of luxury in an abundance. With a warped and crooked family history, there is no doubt that pledging your allegiance to the twisted of all the houses is a risk, but what’s life without a little risk…?

The wit and bravery of Tyrion (aided by Bronn); the fight and desire of Jaime; the shrewdness of Cersi – who has got nothing but revenge in her heart after her “shame” outing: all of these names send the eeriest of shivers down the spine. But when the time comes, and you’re met by the unenviable task of facing who knows what out there, the crest bearing the head of a lion, with the words “Hear Me Roar” is the one you want bestowed upon you.

Tywin may be a mere speckle in our distant past, and with the House seemingly destined to crumble, there will be no better moment for this family to restore its power. It will come at a time when others least expect it. And that time, is now.


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