The Computers @ Joiners, Southampton


Photo: The Computer’s Facebook

Exeter rock band The Computers open their time at Southampton’s Joiners with their brand new single, ‘Want the News? Here’s the Blues’, drawing the crowd out from the bar and around the edges of the venue. Being the rescheduled date after the band had postponed their last because vocalist Alex Kershaw was struck down with illness, the band came back swinging despite this.


Kershaw and the band all sport flowery jackets and shirts in order keep up their image of a smart and well-dressed band, hiding underneath the fact they can get absolutely crazy when they perform. Playing older songs such as ‘Call On You!’ and ‘Mr. Saturday Night’, new contenders holding a permanent place on the band’s set list came out too, noticeably ‘Crucifixed’ and ‘This Ain’t Alright’.


Throughout the show, Kershaw threw himself and his mic stand around calling upon the crowd to do the same, however most of the audience didn’t oblige to his requests. He also made countless attempts to bring the fans together by jumping between them during bridges. Eventually, Kershaw manages to create a circle pit and shouts “crush me”, which the fans execute.


After “finishing” on a new song ‘Bad Wolf’, only Kershaw leaves the stage, proving to the fans that there was going to be an encore, to which Kershaw comes back and says jokingly: “I actually thought that was the end of the set.” Playing ‘Music is Dead’ from their first full length album sees great approval from the crowd before the band finish on calm and beautiful song ‘C.R.U.E.L.’, creating a good ending to a great set.


Jamie O’Melia @OffToHemel

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