25 Things We Love About Adele

The music event of the year is here as Adele drops her new album 25 this week and to celebrate her return, here are 25 things we love about the woman herself.

  1. That voice – where else is there to start? I’ve spent many a night crying into my 3rd glass of white, tears spilling into my Chinese takeaway, whether through happiness or sadness.ea0d9262c2df261806f2c83d5789ed57
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  2. Her Songwriting – the genius of Adele is the simplicity in her lyrics, her ability to write life situations so well leave us all feeling the songs were written about us.

  3. She loves to talk – anyone who has seen her interviews knows this woman can talk for days, she loves a good old chinwag and quite frankly, this makes us think she is our friend.

  4. That laugh – never has a cackle been so infectious and cheeky.


  1. Her honesty – whether it’s in her Songwriting, in interviews or when she is sat on a stool just talking, her unflinching honesty and self-deprecation endear her to us all endlessly
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  2. Her attitude to fame & celebrity – she is extremely blasé in her attitudes to fame and all its allure. She doesn’t court it and she rejects it.


  3. She is the anti-popstar – she doesn’t rely on gimmicks, hi-tech visuals and big productions to push her music, it’s just her, her voice and her band.
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  4. Her relationship with her audience – her interaction at her shows with the crowd is something you very rarely see these days from artists, she really does engage and tells good anecdotes when she is on stage.
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  5. She isn’t extravagant – in a recent interview she revealed that despite the wealth 21 bought her, the only difference is she now shops at Waitrose instead of Tesco. Don’t judge – we’d all do it if we could!

  6. She’s naturally funny – she is known for her funny side in interviews, frequently making the audience or listener chuckle as she rants on.

  7. She has personality – after the saturation of media trained answers artists trot out robotically, Adele’s personality shines through in everything she says and does.
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  8. Her background – the girl from Tottenham did good, but she never forgets where she came from and the influence it has on her.

  9.  She’s not overexposed – she has that perfect balance of privacy and openness, you don’t hear or see from her in 3 years and then BOOM, it’s like she never left!

  10. In a recent interview with ID magazine she said she prefers a Chinese takeaway to the gym – the only part of working out she enjoys is the weights. Urgh, this is a girl after my own heart!

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15. After her debut album 19 was released, stories about her were being leaked. Adele’s response? Set traps and tell different stories to different people and wait to see which version gets sold to the press – then promptly either fire or get rid of them. We all want a friend with this level of cunning!

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16. She doesn’t feel pressure to follow 21’s success – her response to critics is simply that she only feels pressure from herself to deliver a solid album. So there!

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17. You know you could go for a pint down the pub with her and then get a greasy kebab after and it would all be mega lolz.
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18. She really could be your best friend and give you tea and sympathy and let’s face it – we all want her to be our friend!

19. She is fiercely private over her relationship and her son, Angelo – it’s very commendable to be so high profile yet not let that affect the people you love.

20. Her British sensibility – she revealed that she had the opportunity to move to New York back in 2012 and was considering it until she found out she was pregnant and decided she couldn’t raise her child anywhere else but England – all together now, awwww!
via express.co.uk

21.The fact that she is afforded patience and loyalty between albums – not many artists can leave it 4 years between albums, Adele is in that elite club of musicians who can.

22. Her love for the LBD – no-one rocks it in a LBD quite like our Adele.
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23. She loves a good swear word – when she lost her voice back 2011 she had an electronic pad to communicate and specially downloaded a swearing app so she could continue with having the mouth of a sailor – that’s our girl!
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24.  Her total disregard for seriousness at awards shows – when accepting the Oscar, she said she had only come out to have a night off from her son and had spent the evening pissing herself laughing at everyone with Robbie Williams’ wife.

25.  She’s one of our own – there is no rose like an English rose and when the whole world embraces one, it makes us extremely proud. National treasure status achieved.

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