12 things that happened to music in 1975 that are better than The 1975

Saturating the charts with consistently average white boy indie with 2013’s debut, 1975The 1975 are set to release the video for ‘Love Me’, the first single from album number two, at 4pm today (October 28). Here’s a look at 12 things that actually happened in 1975 that are more of a gift to music than The 1975.

1) Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’ reached number two in the UK Singles Chart.


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2) Natalie Imbruglia was born, February 4.


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3) ‘Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye’) by The Bay City Rollers spent six weeks at number one in the UK charts.


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4) Kiss began their Alive! Tour.

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5) Jaws.

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6) Enrique Iglesias was born, May 8.


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7) Michael Bolton released his debut album, recorded under his given name, Michael Bolotin.

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8) Volkwagen introduced the Golf.

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9) Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden.

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10) Fergie was born, March 27.


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11) Charlie Chaplin was knighted.

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12) Phil Collins replaces Peter Gabriel as lead vocalist of Genesis.

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Minnie Wright  @VerifiedMinnie

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