REVIEW: Beach Baby @ Joiners, Southampton


Photo: Beach Baby’s Facebook

Beach Baby’s stage presence at The Joiners is endearing and mysterious, as they embody the dark lit atmosphere and the alluring ambience that surrounds them. Lawrence, Ollie, Iraklis and Shep simply do what they do best, with approval from the audience in expression with the jolty dancing and waving arms to the neatly clustered guitar rhythms in ‘No Mind No Money’.

Beach Baby perform nostalgia-wrapped ballad ‘Ladybird’, containing emotional tenors and ebb-and-flow tendencies, externalising an image of sunshine in the darkened room we find ourselves in.

Their sound reflects that of a 60s surf-rock band, although a tessellation of indie, alternative rock and folk can be heard, like in the track ‘Limousine’. The bouncy bass riffs combined with catchy, upbeat lyrics: “Leave it all behind/Don’t bother me” creates infectious dancing amongst the audience.

The London-based four piece band assemble tracks perfect to initiate that “Friday Feeling” inside you. The gig concludes with Beach Baby fans joining the vivacious group on stage, grooving until the flashing lights and scuzzy drumbeats finish.

Paige Loyden @ployden

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