The Blackout @ Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Calling a tour The Final Party you’d think it was a subtle hint at an impending departure but for Welsh post-hardcore lads The Blackout. Instead of a cryptic message it presents itself simply, it’s yet another excuse to party. A rainbow assortment of balloons filled the air as if a 7 year olds birthday party was in full swing.

In anticipation for the highlight of the party (no not pass the parcel) the support bands warmed up the crowd with thorough disappointment.

The Blackout were a different story all together and instead of being so pants it was hard to leave the bar, they were on top form. Storming onto the stage in the midst’s of the screams of ‘Riot’ the two frontmen, Sean Smith and Gavin Butler stood proud on either side of the stage. The obnoxious personas thrust themselves uncomfortably into the faces of the crowd, invading their personal bubbles to the delight of each fan.

Within minutes Butler had launched himself full throttle into the crowd, you could tell the band meant business. Abusing the microphones and catching spit, the visual spectacle was hard to ignore and is ridiculously laddish. Amongst the heads of the crowd a sweaty mop of bleach blonde hair flopped furiously. Smith had decided to join in with the audience antics, spending the next three songs running about the room ending up in mug shots with pleased crowd members. The set-list was incredible playing a mix of fan favourites intertwined with the hits off newest album Start The Party. To the delight of the die hard fans even a song from We Are The Dynamite made an appearance in the form of the explosive ‘Spread Legs Not Lies’.

All in all The Blackout were on top form. Whether it was down to being the first night of the tour or not is the question? Every note sung was perfect; Smiths screaming and Butlers singing both lived up to expectation. The attitude of the band is what sets them apart and makes the live experience a true crowd pleaser. After all, what’s better than seeing some dude spit into the air and catch it?

Rebecca Rayner

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