An AA Meeting With: Just Kiddin

Just Kiddin have been brought to the attention of many with their remixes for Usher, Parachute Youth and Theophilus London, the UK based duo have gained much industry respect from their original releases on Top Billin, La Valigetta and Sweat It Out.

Just Kiddin are made up of two friends from Kettering, Northamptonshire, Laurie and Lewis, who began making music together after graduating from University. The duo have placed no limitations on their sound, with their seductive melodies and smooth house rhythms designed for dance-floor connoisseurs and casual clubbers alike across the globe. Having just released their new EP Intimacy,Just Kiddin look set to receive even more attention in the world of electronic dance music.

just kiddin

Hi guys, how are you both doing?

We’re both great thanks! Had a hectic few weeks promoting our EP but it’s now good to be getting back into the studio to work on some new ideas. We have a lot of new music ready to go – and it’s sounding hot!

Intimacy_CoverYou’ve just released Intimacy EP, are you excited about the release?

Of course, definitely! This is by far our favourite material we’ve produced and the feedback so far has been amazing. We’ve only just heard back from Russ Chimes who said ‘Soul Drop’ went down a treat at his set at XOYO last Friday! It’s great to hear.

How long had you guys been working on the EP?

Haha, good question! You’d think with two of us working on new music, we’d be getting new stuff ready in no time. But, in truth, we’ve had some of the tracks ready for nearly a year – which is when we had just about finished “I Want U”. We wanted the tracks to be perfect, so it took a little longer, naturally. We hope you guys think it was worth the wait.

For those who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you summarise your sound?

Seriously, it’s a toughie as our sound is always developing. People have described our music in many ways, if we took a selection of them in attempt to summarise it – it would be something like, soulful, melodic, smooth house grooves. I guess the essence of what we do is tie warm synth sounds around nice subby basslines. We are working with some vocalists to write our new material so the sound is always developing. You can check out our soundcloud though, maybe you can put some suggestions our way for future summaries!

How long have you both been producing music?

Laurie a little longer than Myself (Lewis). I started whilst I was at University in Leicester, which had a really good scene for house music at the time – then the production naturally followed. Laurie was a little bit different, he started producing whilst we were back at school – he then went to Uni in Southampton (small world eh?!) to study music. We both grew up in the same hometown so when we both finished studying, Just Kiddin was born.

Who inspired you guys to start making electronic/house music? Are they still an influence on you now?

Mine (Lewis) mainly comes from my family, my Granddad was part of a pretty famous jazz band in the 60s and my uncle is a successful songwriter/musician who’s always working on new projects. These really opened my eyes to making my own music and have been a huge inspiration for me along the way.

The first electronic album we got into was ‘Homework’ by Daft Punk, we’d been playing in rock bands for years before, but never really had the right feeling for it…this album changed everything for us. Laurie’s other main influence comes from Aphex Twin, I remember his room being cluttered full of old posters, vinyls and CDs of his stuff – I think it was love at first listen.

We also really like a lot of old disco stuff too, which is probably more apparent in our older material. This influence comes from our parents who were probably playing it to us whilst we were in our nappies – that’s right…we disco’d from a very young age.

Where have you guys been playing recently? What city/country do you like playing the most?

We’ve literally just come back from playing a few gigs over the midlands. We had a Nurvous Records release party at onefifteen in Leicester to celebrate the release of the EP. The night has previously had the likes of Eats Everything & Miguel Campbell play there before, so it was a real privilege to be headlining the night. The new EP got a huge response!

I think right now, the UK is in such a good place for house music – I’d honestly say the UK is my favourite place to play for the time being. We were speaking to friends the other week when we visited Paris and they spoke of the UK as though it was some big music machine that’s always ahead of the game. It’s sometimes difficult to see that when you live here but it’s true! It made me proud to be British.

House music is in a great place right now, with the emergence of some great producers, you guys are doing big things too, how do you feel about the house music scene right now?

It’s probably the best I’ve ever known it – pretty much any city in the UK now has a thriving house scene – a lot of it being fuelled by British producers too. I think it’s only going to get bigger and better from here onwards too.

Why do you think House has got so popular recently?

Hard to put your finger on why exactly. Some very talented guys like Juilio Basmore, Disclosure, Bondax etc have helped to expose the sound to the masses. It was always going to happen and long may it continue!

Do you both listen to similar music? Enjoying anyone in particular right now?

Yeah, our taste in music is very similar. It’s funny when were sharing tracks prior to a DJ set, half of them are usually the same! Right now were all over Toyboy & Robin, Jonas Rathsman, Bondax, Andre Crom, Duke Dumont, Hot Since 82 to name a few. There’s so much new stuff out there right now.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Right now, probably Jessie Ware. Her album last year was one of my favourite. SBTRKT would be cool too.

Have you guys got much planned for the next few months?

Oh yes. Most definitely. Can’t say too much now, but you’ll be hearing more from us soon. We’re very excited.

Are you guys playing in Southampton anytime soon?

Not for the time being, Laurie is probably banned from all the clubs there for causing a ruckus during his time at university haha! “Just Kiddin”! Southampton’s got a wicked scene and it would be a pleasure to make a vista there soon – but we will leave that with our management to arrange.

Finally, anything to say to our lovely readers?

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and we hope you like the EP which is out now on Nurvous Records and available from Beatport. Lewis & Laurie x

Interview by Luke McFarlane

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